Hacked By bo0kamanusta
-[ BGHH ]-

We aren't afraid of any shit that comes to us !! We'll Do anything for our brothers and sister in Palestine !!

Message to the stinky Israelis
This site has been Hacked by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers. Our message to all stinky Israelis: You were born to go to Hell, you keep attacking our brothers and sisters,We keep attacking on your cyberspace. Last but not Least, "Allahu Akbar"

You Lamerz might have seen many men and women die in war !! .. This is Called Dedication .. Passion .. Love for Country !!
Unlike You lamerz who Send "animals" to palestine to Kill Innocent People !!

You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..
But There is no Future for you.. We are coming ..
There will be no one to Save you..
Remember We are coming

Greetz To: =>> Ablaze Ever, Rotating Rotor,Core Tuner, Venture, Sam, Grey Hat Victorious, Salim, Bokamanush, Matrix, Himel, Noha,Madiha, Space fighter..All Muslims and Bangladeshis... <<=